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Yacht Charters in Skiathos Island
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Skiathos is one of the islands

in of the Sporades group and specifically, it belongs to the Northern Sporades. This island lies in the westernmost part of the archipelago covered with thick lush pine trees that meet the crystal clear blue waters. Among the islands of Sporades, this island is the most popular and famous among tourists particularly the wealthier ones or those on luxury holidays. As a result it is a well known destination for rental yacht vacations.

This island is world renowned for its fine balance between providing the needs for its tourism industry and protecting its natural beauty. It’s not hard to think that this island served as the setting for the Hollywood musical movie, "Mamma Mia".

If you want to visit Sporades but still want to have all the entertainment and mingle with other tourists, then Skiathos Island is your perfect destination. Though it gets crowded during peak season, you still cannot resist its alluring charm with its churches, beaches, villas, archaeological sites and restaurants.

To escape the crowd and still enjoy calmer holidays, you can rent a yacht to Skiathos Island!

Luxury rental yachts can give you access to secluded places in the islands like caves, quitter beaches and coves. You can totally relax and escape the crowded beach if you are on a chartered yacht. Sail with a rental yacht wherever you want, and take a dip in the crystal clear waters a little bit further from the beachfront where most tourists are packed. Or enjoy the scenery and the view of the island aboard your yacht.

If you wish to moor or anchor your hired yacht, the best place is the main port in Skiathos Town specifically in its floating pier that lies on the northern side of the port. Or if there is enough space, moor in front of tavernas or cafes.

If you decide to hire a boat, keep in mind that to experience the most relaxing time on the boat, you can hire a skippered boat and feel free to enjoy a beautiful careless cruise.

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