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The Greek Island with the big Heart
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Skopelos – The Greek Island with the big Heart


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In the north, the beautiful small town of Skopelos is built with the tightly enclosed houses that surround the Castle and go down to the harbor. Among the houses, there are numerous small churches and picturesque narrow alleys that are often interrupted by landings and stairs surround the neighborhoods.


Panormos Skopelos

One famous chapel of Agios Ioannis is located on the top of a rock about 100 meters high, and is the place where the scene of marriage on ”Mama Mia” was filmed.

 ag. ioannis skopelos 800x600

ag ioannis

If you want to reach the top you’ll have to climb about 106 steps carved on the rocks, but the view to the sea is truly magnificent…

Greece Skopelos



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