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Trikeri & Island Trikeri

A beautiful location, Trikeri bares no resemblance to the rest of Pelion. Built on the peak of the ancient peninsula Aianteion (that is how it was called in ancient times), with panoramic views of every part of the horizon, it looks to the north to the Pagastiko Gulf, east to the Aegean sea, south to Evia and that in the background the forests of Pelion. It also has the picturesque fishing villages of Agia Kyriaki  (Panorama) and the Kottes. (Panorama)

It is found at the most southern point of Pelion at a distance of 81km from Volos and with an altitude of 300 meters.

A village with all of the characteristics of an island community, comes with the addition of stunning architecture on route, old mansions, small houses, traditional Macedonian residences, stone built alleys, cobbled streets and village squares with the centuries old plane trees, as with the rest of Pelion. The most beautiful mansions and old houses with their scented courtyard of the famed seamen, can all be found in this neighborhood of Agion Anaryeron.
It is worth visiting the churches of Agios Athansios and Agia Triada with a chance to admire the incredible wooden carvings, Byzantine style icons and the wooden carved throne, brought here from Barcelona in 1815 by Trikoleon ships for the Great Napoleon to be seated here. Today the throne depicts the image of the Panagia Eleousa (the Virgin Mary the Merciful).

The attacks by pirates had forced the inhabitants that were settled on the island of Trikeri, to flee to the present location of the village of Trikeri today. The first inhabitants were Maniastis (from the Peloponnesian area of the Mani), Cretans and the Vlahous from the Pindos mountains of Epiros. The settlers then were fisherman, sponge divers and noble captains with a blossoming income.

In the revolution of 1821 the Trikerian ships helped in the fight against the Turks, and whilst Thessaly was independent of Greece, Trikeri remained autonomous and was one of the most important and powerful parts of Magnesia.
When Thessaly unified with Greece, Trikeri continued to play an important role in Magnesia and still does until today.
It is also worth mentioning that the Trikeronians followed the practice of sponge diving, as they do on Kalymos, even though it is not an island. The Trikeronians give great importance
to following their local and national customs and the women continue to dress in their traditional costumes for festivals and celebrations.
From the central square of Trikeri the stone paved traditional cobbled footpath leads for1.5km to the small port of Agia Kyriaki. When you reach the port of Agia Kyriaki you will come
across little white houses built amphitheatrically next to the sea, and the small seaside taverns serving seafood meze’s and fresh local fish.
There is an impressive fleet of sailing boats, fishing boats, yachts and sea taxis and cruise ships moored on the side of the Aegean.
In Agia Kyriaki there is an old traditional shipyard where they make a lot of boats and crafts, mainly fishing boats preserving their local crafts and techniques.
At the entrance of the harbor, right next to the shipyard, a large dark shape can be seen just below the surface of the sea. It is the ship ‘Good Fortune’ which was wrecked here
on a summer night in 1975. She carried a load of 230 tons of steel and had just left the steelworks in Volos on route to Heraklion on Crete. It is worth exploring the wreck if you like scuba diving as the seabed is incredible and a unique photo opportunity.
The cobbled footpath that connects the hamlet with Trikeri was for many centuries the only way to reach this deserted harbor.
There is a route through the olives groves that takes you to the picturesque fishing village with the natural harbor where the fishing boats moor.
Amphitheatrically located around the harbor is the little chapel of Ag. Apostolis, Peter and Paul (early 19th century), celebrates its name day on the 28th June with a large festival.
Another fantastic route is Trikeri - Alogoporos, 6.5 km where walkers can lose themselves in the blue of the sea and the deep green cedar forest. It reaches the organized, pebble beach of Alogoporos with its crystal clear waters. From here you can connect with the island Palaio Trikeri (old) by sea taxi.  (Panorama)
On the road that goes to Agia Kyriaki, the villages’ port, you will see a sign saying ‘Vigla’. There is an old pirates look out on the southern side of the village offering unforgettable views, particularly at sunset.
From here you can see as far as Skiathos, Southern Evia, the Western region of Magnesia and Volos. To the left is the Aegean Sea and the right the Pagastiko Gulf, and below the hamlet of Agia Kyriaki with its tiny harbor.

Opposite the village is the beautiful little island of ‘Palaio Trikeri’, reached by sea taxi. There are no cars on this island and the many picturesque little taverns around the water’s edge offering fresh fish and seafood at really affordable prices will remain with you.
Visit the monastery of the Virgin Mary on the island of ‘Palaio Trikeri’ and the church of Agia Triada at the villages’ peak.
This church was built at the beginning of the 18th century and there is a large festival on the 9th and 10th September. Here are the best beaches in the area and the beach that stands out
is the Green Sands with its crystal clear waters (30 minutes from the harbor).
It is roughly the same scene on the beaches of Afetika and Agios Georgos, two incredible beaches and above the monastery of the Virgin Mary, accessed by a steep footpath.
West of the little harbor of Agios Ioannis, 30 minutes’ walk along a footpath, is the beach of Agia Sofia.
At all the above locations you will find have tourist facilities (hotels, rented rooms, traditional guest houses, traditional mansions etc), and there are many other places to eat, drink
and socialize (restaurants, taverns, cafeterias, bars etc.) some traditional, some modern but all able to satisfy the needs of most!

Have an enjoyable stay!